Contouring and healing goes hand in hand with our Herb Contour Powder. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider this your new best friend- or, well, your new contour go-to. Filled with detoxifying, mattifying clay, and skin nourishing herbs that work together and allows you to recreate either a dramatic or soft definition of your facial features without worrying of skin irritations. 

Finish: his superfine powder is matte and blends easily to mimic the look of a naturally flawless skin.

Skin Type: All skin types

Contour Powder

  • 1) Original Jar- 20-gram EPS Jar (recycling no.6) with PP sifter (recycling no.5)
    Net Wt. - 3.5 grams

    2) METAL - No sifter; Net Wt. 3.5g

    3) GLASS -No sifter, Net Wt. 3.5g

    4) GLASS with RECYCLABLE Sifter-Nt.Wt.3.5g