Glowing skin requires commitment, not a miracle! But don't you fret, because Dab has got your back. Our new mini face spa kit is the perfect way to pamper yourself from the comfort of your own home.


This rejuvenating and revitalizing set comes with flasks filled with three of our heavenly new products... and a little bit extra.

Herb Infused Clay Mask
A detoxifying and pore-refining clay mask re-enforced with only certified organic herbs to give your skin the proper nourishing it needs.

Powdered Exfoliating Soap
Hand crafted with the freshest active ingredients, this soap utilizes the healing properties in oats, nuts, and milk to give you the gentlest cleaning and exfoliation.

Herb Infused Oil
Our herb infused oil locks in moisture and packs your skin with the vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fatty acids.

The best part? Purchase this mini spa kit and we'll throw in your own FREE facial cupping starter set and a few tips and tricks to starting your journey to a better, brighter you!


Here's why we started on this path to better skin:

+ Facial cupping is the best pick-me-up.

Quick and easy, facial cupping gives you an instant glow whenever you need it. Date night? Definitely. Entertaining guests for the hols? Sure! Just a regular day at your own home spa? Go for it!

Facial cupping is a quick and easy way to drain your lymphatic system of toxins and bring the collagen in your skin up to the surface to provide the healthy, youthful glow. 

+ Not only does it feel good, you also look good.

Facial cupping visibly lifts the skin in an instant. Repetitive use, especially when used together with Dab's new mini facial spa kit, can encourage skin rejuvenation and elasticity. Time to rid yourself of all the fine lines and impurities.

+ It's hassle free.

Face Spa Kit


    Step 1 - Facial Soap

    Mix it with water in your palms until it forms into paste. Apply by massaging into skin and then rinse.

    Step 2- Herb-infused Clay Mask
    Note: Masks should only be done once (maximum two times) a week.

    Mix water and Clay Mask powder with a 1:2 ratio (one part water or hydrosols and two parts Clay Mask powder)

    Step 3 - Herb-infused Oil
    Apply like you would your regular moisturizer at the end of your night time routine.

    Note: This oil can be used with the free facial cups included in this set. 

    We love using these, ourselves, we recommend to use this kit once to twice a week to see better results. 

    Featuring: Facial cups

    We have some recommended videos of vloggers that have tried facial cupping for themselves and would, as we believe, be the perfect guide for y'all facial cupping beginners.

    Speed Beauty by Caroline Barnes: