This liquid eyelash root treatment is prized for its black or brown pigment, formulated to strengthen eyelashes, targeting deep into the roots as you glide it along your lash line. this means no more lashes falling out and no more watery eyes. 


Stay:  8-10 hrs

Note: We don't like to use chemicals to make this eyeliner waterproof. The only waterproof makeup we carry is our Coconut Cream Eyeliner which contains a very concentrated oils and butters that make them waterproof.



Liquid Eyeliner

  • Trial size: 2.7ml

    Medium: 4ml

    Full size: 7ml
    Shelf life: 45-60 days from date of opening


    Made with conditioning oils and lash building herbs making them safe and gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 


    Disclaimer: Trial sizes are NOT sample sizes, they are slightly larger and lasts around 12-15 applications. We do not offer sample sizes of this product.