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Looking for sustainable hair care or going zero waste? There's no better way than ditching bulky detergent shampoo packaging and switching to shampoo bars! Plus, the natural ingredients in shampoo bars are kinder to our environment and our bodies 💚🍃♻ 


Making the switch to our Marshmallow-Lime Shampoo and Conditioner bar will ultimately allow for more volume, faster, shinier, and healthier growing hair, reduced dandruff, and less frizz! This time-saving yet pampering formula also eliminates the need for conditioner! Curly hair will eventually develop more manageable defined curls while straight and wavy hair will have smoother yet voluminous hair.

The best part? Our natural, organic, and not to mention luxurious and hair-loving ingredients are gentle, so you can shampoo everyday for a nice clean wash 💕🍃

New and Limited! Organic Marshmallow Shampoo and Conditioner Bar in One, Hair Gr

  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Please read our soap bar's Instructions and Details, Important Notice, and Ingredients and Benefits TO THE END ❤ Switching to soap bars are waaaay trickier most of us believe. Take every tip you can get 👍


    Don't skip this:

    Have you been using conventional and chemical-laden shampoo and hair products? Then switching to our gentle and organic Shampoo+Conditioner Bar may take some time for your hair to adjust. For most people, you can expect your hair to feel funny and your scalp to go...just a little wild from the changes it will have to experience as you make the switch to completely natural hair care products.

    This is all normal! Making the switch from commercial shampoo will result in more tangles and frizz or a jump to oily and dry for others, but this is all a product of your hair trying to adjust to living chemical-free.

    It may take at least 7 washes (with regular citrus or vinegar rinses) for your hair and scalp to truly adjust. This all depends on how much residue and build up is in your hair and scalp, how much damage there is to recover from, and how your own body accepts these changes.

    As your scalp and hair adjust during its transition to our organic and gentle Shampoo + Conditioner bar, please be patient. Once it's over, the rewards are so, so good. You'll have such natural, lush, and bouncy healthy hair soon that you'll never want to go back!



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