2020? No thanks, we want to take it back to the 1920s please!

Say goodbye to clumpy, smudgy, and flaky mascara once and for all because our gentle mascara formulas just keep getting better ✨ As always, formulated for sensitive skin and eyes, when applied, our ultra-premium Aloe Mascara Bar is much more volumizing and is budge-proof for at least 8-9 hours 🎉 With just a swish of your wand, create fuller, fluffier, and feathery lashes.

By far the smoothest solid mascara experience you'll have, easily switch your bar around as your mascara, eyeliner, and even as a brow filler to create glamorous eye looks 👀 Save time, money, and lessen your waste by choosing our high performance and low waste mascara.

For best lash boosting results, use Dab's Lash Elixir as an activator (coming soon).

Organic Aloe Mascara Bar

  • How to use:
    •Add a drop of water OR Dab's Lash Elixir and brush or swirl your wand around. Once a creamy coat of paste has formed on your brush, apply the paste to your lashes. You may freely control the density of the product by using less or more Lash Elixir or water; you have the freedom to play around!

    •To use as an eyeliner, simply add a drop of water or Lash Elixir onto the bar and brush your eyeliner brush around to create a paste and apply. Waterline use is not advised.

    •As an eyebrow filler, wet your wand or angled brush and brush through the product to create a thin layer of product. Apply to brows as desired.

    Budge-proof for at least 8-9 hours even longer, as long as your under eye and surrounding area is not oily or wet. Works best when the under eye skin has been set with powder or blot dry.

    Always keep your brush sanitized before using for longer shelf life