You might have the "been there, done that" attitude when it comes to trying organic blushes but we have mastered a unique formula that sets this blush from all the rest. Enjoy our unbelievably smooth, guilt-free best seller and apply it how ever you want and whenever you want.


Finish: Soft and natural

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Petal Powder Blush

  • Glass jar, Net Wt. 3g


    with sifter (recycling no. 6)


    Neither grainy or gritty, our blush is made of only organic food grade ingredients: lavender buds, which act as an antibacterial, vanilla bean, and an anti aging safflower. The deep magenta hue is made possible by using pure Vitamin C rich hibiscus powder and a soothing rose powder that aren’t blended with any other powders, thus enabling a more intense color, especially when your skin is well moisturized. Lastly, when you receive our blush, you'll notice our lavender buds mixed in the powder blush for continuous infusion and to prevent clumping. So shake well before each use for optimal results. We’ve done the tough part and now you get to do the easy part: dab a little of our blush and enjoy!