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This pure sandalwood comb may reap many benefits for your hair and scalp.


The teeth of our comb are rounded and smoother so they will not bruise and scrape the scalp while combing.

Given this attribute, using this comb regularly:
-makes a good scalp massage which increases blood circulation throughout, thus, encourages hair growth
-Prevents hair loss and breakage 
-Prevents damage from static electricity, unlike plastic combs, this gives less to zero static
-Prevents dryness or greasiness
-Adds bounce to your hair. When there is a proper distribution of sebum and good circulation on the scalp and the hair, the hair would be healthy, shiny and, bouncy
-Allows for more relaxation. It helps calm the mind to a large extent (especially when doing multiple strokes with eyes closed) 

This is why, instead of using metal and plastic combs, the use of wooden combs has been advised by holistic beauticians across the globe. Even our ancestors and Ayurveda experts swear by the benefits of using them.

When are you going to make the switch? 

Sandalwood Comb

  • Weight: 50mg
    Width: 2.25 in.

    Height: 4.5 in.