Introducing our latest premium wooden comb that is equally as great as this one:

This wide tooth Sandalwood comb will surely be a delight for all hair types especially those with long and/or curly hair. The wide spacing between teeth allows it to run through the hair effortlessly while minimizing hair fall and preventing split ends.


You’ll be surprised how good this feels on the scalp, made from 100% sandalwood, the unmatched craftsmanship is smooth, seamless and very high end.


Read on and you’ll begin to wonder why all this time you haven't thought of switching to a natural material.

When used regularly, this healing comb:

-makes a good scalp massage which increases blood circulation throughout and encourages hair growth
-Prevents hair loss and breakage
-Prevents damage from static electricity, unlike plastic combs, this gives little to no static
-Prevents dryness or greasiness
-Adds bounce to your hair
-Allows for more relaxation (especially when doing multiple strokes with eyes closed).


Instead of metal and plastic combs, the use of wooden combs has been advised by holistic beauticians across the globe, even our ancestors and Ayurveda experts swear by the benefits of using them.

When are you going to make the switch? 🤔♻️

Wide Tooth Sandalwood Comb


  • Width: 4.5 cm

    Height: 2. cm


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