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Founded on the basis of Nature to Nurture, Dab Herb Makeup and Skin Care holds itself to a holistic approach to skin care and makeup where beauty and self care are inseparable from transparency and wellness.

If you've come in pursuit of your best skin, then you've found a friend in us. Gone are the days of our woes over sensitive skin and chemical-ridden cosmetics. Using the best of food-grade, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients available to us, each of our products are handmade with quality and purity in mind. Dubbed "medicinal makeup" by many, our botanical makeup and skin care uses high-performance essential oil infusions to promote healing and radiance from within.​

Dab has evolved from the day its creator, Crissy, first made makeup for her love of clean beauty and wellness and with the intent to simply give. Our brand has since become an advocacy towards creating a community where sustainable beauty and living can flourish. It brings us utmost happiness to create products that not only enhances your beauty but brings the same satisfaction to women and men of all ages, skin types and conditions, and colors.

We welcome you to the Dab experience and are overjoyed to have you here. Thank you for choosing us as you begin your journey to cleaner beauty and wellness!

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