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The Natural

Makeup Review

Sustainable Beauty – The Best Green Beauty Brands

"This is one of the cleanest cosmetics brands I have found to date thanks to Etsy."

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The Natural

Makeup Review

Sustainable Beauty – The Best Green Beauty Brands


... Is the packaging itself non-toxic and environmentally friendly? Can it be recycled? With the number of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis and the waste already being produced, I want to do my part to try to reduce it as much as possible and I would hope that the green beauty brands do too. ...

On Dab: "This is one of the cleanest cosmetics brands I have found to date thanks to Etsy. A small company based in Arcadia, CA. Each product is handmade with quality and purity in mind. The ingredients are so pure that a lot of them are actually food-grade. Not that I advise eating your makeup. It’s just nice to know that what you are putting on your skin is that good. You will not find any synthetic ingredients whatsoever."


Their organic powder mascara is what initially caught our eye but their line is huge, including hair care, foundations, lip tints, and much more.


Everything contains only food-grade, certified organic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients. They’re also all free from palm oil, glycols, alcohol, silicones, parabens, and heavy metals.

13 Fair Trade Gifts That Truly Keep On Giving

If fair trade organic gifts are on your shopping list, Dab Herb’s Organic Make-up Set will make you blush. It includes mineral-free Petal Translucent powder, Coconut Eyeliner, Herb/Henna Mascara, Lip Tint, and Petal Power Blush. 

The handmade products are made from 95% certified organic and 5% wildcrafted ingredients, some of which are food grade and sourced from fair trade certified farmers and suppliers. 

7 Natural & Organic Eyeshadow Brands For Those Sultry Sustainable Shades

When it comes to the best organic eyeshadow palettes, it’s hard to beat Dab Herb Makeup. Why? Because it’s almost natural enough to eat.

No really. 

Made with ingredients like food-grade organic avocado and olive oil, turmeric, rice powder, and rosehips, we’ve never felt so good about applying makeup. 

As if we even needed another reason to try this eyeshadow, it also has anti-aging properties and an intoxicating non-synthetic jasmine scent. 

7 Zero Waste Lip Balms To Pucker Up For The Planet

Lip balm is lovely. Lip balm in a plastic container. Ehh…not so much. 

Plastic has all but taken over the beauty care aisles, and lip products are some of the worst offenders. But since we’re zipping our lips to any single-use plastics, we started seeking zero waste lip balm alternatives here, too.


From Lavender Vanilla to Hibiscus Grapefruit. They’ve even got 100% food-grade lip toppers to add a bit of extra shimmer to your lip gloss or lip paint, available in oh-so-many colors. 

6 Organic & Natural Foundations to Smoothly (and Sustainably) Face the World

Attention, attention: you can now save face and save the planet at the same time. 

We want a foundation that’s so organic and natural that you could literally eat it. 


If organic foundation is what you’re looking for, Dab Herb is the answer. The brand happens to be one of our favorite zero waste beauty brands ( ... )  they also have some of the best organic vegan foundation we’ve found. 

The Herb Foundation comes with almost zero minerals and uses plant pigments and phytonutrient herbal infusions to provide a natural means of hydration and nourishment for all skin types. Cure, don’t just cover.

For those of us in need of a time-saver, they also have a 3-in-1 Serum Foundation, which is an infusion of primer, moisturizer, and concealer in one weightless formula. 



Being highly non-comedogenic, it’s designed for all manner of blemishes, acne aside, including large pores, veins, scars, sun spots, and under eye circles.  It not only hides the short term, but heals overall skin condition in the long term thanks to the antioxidant rich ingredients.

Non-nano zinc oxide even adds a slight SPF quality and tea tree oil gives it antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

One of the best cruelty-free concealers on our list!


Make-up can be a tough one in terms of waste. Most of it comes in plastic packaging or simply non-recyclable packaging. No no no! Looking (a bit more) gorgeous should not cost the planet. The solution that produces the least waste is to create your own from scratch, but not everyone has enough time to spend 1 hour creating/cooking/baking one at home. I perfectly get that. ... So I’ll share with you boys and girls all my discoveries in terms of eco-friendly (like, really eco-friendly, not just having a green packaging) brands, even for stuff I never seemed to master — eyeshadow, you’ll remain a mystery to me, forever.



Traditionally, we approach products with a “cradle to grave” mentality: taking something new, using it, then throwing it away. Zero-waste aims to use products “cradle to cradle”, using only that which can be reused or composted rather than sent to landfills or incinerated.


Here’s a little something different on the list: organic powder mascara!

This one takes a little bit more time for the prep and application process, because it requires mixing together the powder and a lash serum.

The Best Natural Mascaras for Length, Volume, and Fabulous Lashes

The Natural

Makeup Review

"This mascara helps to lengthen, define, darken, and condition your lashes with pretty much zero clumping or flaking. It is also non-irritating and great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It is available in a mini size for trial or travel purposes and in full size."


The Best Palm Oil Free Makeup Brands To Try & Help Reduce Your Usage

Over the years, we have become far more aware of our eco-footprints, and how our choices impact the world. We've gone vegan, opted for organic, and stamped out brands that don't adhere to cruelty-free testing techniques, but one thing we often forget is that so many beauty products we use (along with other daily necessities) feature palm oil.

...the ingredient has taken its toll on animal and communities where it is grown, as GreenPeace reports. The production of palm oil requires vast areas of forest space to be cleared, therefore damaging vulnerable eco-systems including those that house creatures such as orangutans.

For these important reasons, it is worth seeking out ways in which we can reduce our palm oil usage in things like the makeup we use. These five brands are a great place to start:


12 Natural Mascaras For Sensitive Eyes If You're Afraid Of Having An Allergic Reaction


With notes of lavender and chamomile, this mascara is as much for your nose as it is for your eyes.

Best Zero Waste Makeup for Eco-Conscious Women

If you’re looking to make the switch to eco-friendly, zero waste makeup but don’t know where to begin, this list features some great brands that are good for both your skin and the planet.

... (DabHMS) is another great zero waste brand that offer metal, glass, or paper packaging for all of their products.


Opt For A Cleaner Beauty Routine With These Zero To Low-Waste Beauty Products


Thankfully for us, there happen to be a few brands that have finally taken cognizance of the problem at hand and are thus rethinking their products. Brands like Antonym CosmeticsDab Herb Makeup, and Meow Meow Tweet are now approaching the entire idea of sustainability more holistically. They are consciously analyzing everything that goes into their products with an active focus on recycling, rethinking, and reinventing.




Our formulation is why we differ so much from other companies. Most cosmetic companies add synthetics like stabilizers and adhesives to extend shelf life, but after prolonged use those harsh chemicals may damage our skin or our skin’s natural process of healing itself.


Another issue is mineral based makeup. The mineral powders used cause a lack of breathability to one’s skin, so for someone with sensitive skin or acne, finding a brand that doesn’t include these ingredients can be a challenge but is imperative.

We offer our customers peace of mind by never using any harsh ingredients and instead striving always for the best of what is available in the organic and natural realm.


Shop Small Business Saturday with these beauty brands

There are many eco makeup brands on Etsy, but this particular company stands out because of the high quality of not just the ingredients but of the pigmentation of the makeup itself. There is a very full-range of makeup products that you can choose from concealers and foundations to brow colors and mascara and everything else you could think of. They read very well on the skin and on camera and have amazing ingredients that nourish the skin and truly deliver on performance.  Some of their fans’ favorite products are their Organic Eyebrow Grower with Tint, Organic Herb Mascara, and Organic Petal Translucent Powder.


These products don’t just feel good on your skin, they feel good to use. You are getting pure, natural ingredients which won’t harm you or the environment, you are supporting a small business, and you are demonstrating to the world that it is possible to wear cosmetics made from what is found in the earth and look just as glamorous as all those big brand name cosmetic companies claim you need to. Plus, wearing clean, organic makeup does not have to cost you a fortune.




This all-natural makeup and skincare line is formulated for those with sensitive skin. Using only the highest-quality essential oils, butters, and ingredients, you can expect to find products like coconut gel eyeliner, eyelash revitalizing balm, 4-in-1 anti-aging primer, and root lip stains. While the packaging is super cute, it’s the quality that makes this an outstanding Etsy line. My favorite is their Organic Coconut Eyeliner.