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Connect with our team

You matter to us and we want to be able to give you the proper assistance you deserve.

If you’re wondering about an order, our products, or our website, leave us a message through our contact form or check out our FAQ page— you may find the answers your seek there!

Want to be a Dab Herb Makeup and Skincare wholesaler or stockist?

First, thank you so much for taking an interest in our creations and reaching out to us! If you're interested in becoming a DabHMS Wholesale Customer, please review the following information prior to opening an account with us:

  • Wholesale orders require a lead time of two to three weeks depending on the quantity.

  • DabHMS has a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 100 units of assorted products- or just one kind- for domestic orders, and an MOQ of 200 units for international orders.

  • Discount pricing will be discussed once you apply for an account

If you are interested in opening a wholesale account, you may begin the process by accomplishing  and submitting our wholesale form.

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