Extreme Blue Tansy Eye Cream is our newest and one of the best ancient formulations we have ever created. This is an ultra concentrated regenerating and hydrating eye cream infused with eye loving herbs in luxurious oils that are known to discourage the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. It also helps soothe and restore the elasticity of the skin around the eyes especially the upper eyelid area where eye makeup is frequently used.

This thick eye cream is lightweight with a captivating scent, it can create a smooth and soft barrier that seals moisture that lasts for several hours. It promotes the production of collagen which helps delay visible signs of aging.

What makes our Eye Balm and Eye Gel more effective other than utilizing the efficacious ingredients ? It’s in our PROCESS! To put it simply, we don’t use heat to create these amazing eye products, therefore, all the beneficial healing properties of the plants are preserved, making them alive and active!

Blue Tansy Eye Balm

  • *If purchased together with the Blue Tansy Eye Gel, use the Eye Gel first and let sit for thirty seconds to one minute.

    Note - Eye creams come in tiny jars since a little really goes a long way. With clean hands, this should be applied a few minutes before your moisturizer (day and night).

    1) Pick up a small amount of eye cream using your ring finger.

    2) Apply 2-3 tiny dots under your eye, moving from inner to outer corner, then, another 2-3 dots around the whole orbital eye bone. Leave the cream to melt on the skin and tap the remaining cream to other facial areas where lines are forming or about to form (see 4th photo).

    3) Now spread the cream gently by using a light patting motion until the cream soaks into the skin.

    4) Follow up with moisturizer

    DON'T rub the cream in, or put any other pressure on the skin around the eye.

    Our UV-shielding black glass jars will keep your eye cream fresh for longer💙]

    Disclaimer: This eye cream will not erase or eliminate wrinkles completely but will help soften them, it’s a great cream to combat developing lines.