This plant foundation collection, with almost zero minerals, is the answer to those who are still in search for a genuine organic foundation. Rich plant pigments plus phytonutrient herbal infusions, create potent synergy to effectively plump, hydrate, nourish and treat all skin types particularly sensitive and blemish prone skin. The more you use it the better your skin feels and looks. 

Finish: Natural

Coverage: Light to Medium

Skin Type: All


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Herb Foundation

  • Net Wt. 6.8 ml
    Stored in eco-friendly glass jar container with vintage style metal cap
    Shelf life - 6 months from date of opening

    What makes this foundation extra special? 
    -quality at its finest, ultra creamy, crème de la crème, freshly made every time, applies smoothly creating a soft, velvety matte finish with light to medium coverage
    -99.6% Certified organic and food grade ingredients 
     (food grade means that it has higher safety standards than the common cosmetic grade, that means cleaner, purer and safer standard)
    - healing Herbs are utilized to improve skin condition
    - using plant pigments as colorants (revelation: Mineral pigments CANNOT be called "organic"  because they are not farmed like plants, google it!)
    - does not contain any form of water e.g. aloe, hydrosol, tea therefore bacteria cannot grow, so concentrated a little dab goes a long way. 
    - it is made from scratch, we don't use any pre-made bases (nor resell handmade finished products!), we want to know what's taking place before, during, and after the creation of each and every product, simply because we want your safety and peace of mind.
    - most of all, it's always made with love, care, passion and integrity.

    Color still didn't match? Use it as an Eyeshadow primer or lipstick base, (apply a very thin coat), color would appear more vibrant

    - HERB PRIMER for a more dewy look
    - LUMINESCENTS (luminizer) for a healthier glow
    - PETAL TRANSLUCENT POWDER for a naturally matte soft finish