Soothe like lip balm but play like it’s lipstick 💄

Our new edible Herb Lip Paint line is a lip balm-lipstick hybrid that could offer fun colors for you to play with while keeping your lips soft and healthy all throughout! Powered by herb and earth pigments infused luxuriously in ultra moisturizing oils and butters for extra healing and hydration🍃🌿.

As always, we want to give you all the cleanest beauty experience you could ever ask for. Our 100% food grade Lip Paint collection is Dab’s original concept that went through a lot of rigorous research and testing. Finally, they’re here to give you the best of the best lip products for your peace of mind. Once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t want to go back to wearing unsafe lip products. 🙅‍♀️

Grab a pot (or four) and enjoy your 100% safe lippie!

Lip Paint

  • Scent: No added scents or flavor

    Texture: Soft, creamy, and balmy.

    Finish: From Sheer, High gloss, to Satin according to application.

    Benefits: Lip softener; hydrates, moisturizes; medicinal, helps improve cracked and chapped lips

    Container: frosted glass jar with metal cap
    Size : 4.2ml
    Shelf life : 6 months