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Have you found a cleaner replacement for your chemical-filled concealer? 
We have created a multitasking skin perfector that not only fills pores and hides unwanted skin pigmentations (blemishes, under eye circles, red/blue/purple veins, freckles, scars, age spots ) but also protects your skin from sun damage while helping to improve skin condition over time.


Finish: Natural

Coverage: Medium to Heavy

Skin Type: All


Tip: This concealer's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes it the perfect on-the-go spot treatment for unwanted spots and blemishes.

Petal Concealer

  • Full Size : 4.2ml stored in glass pot
    Sample Size : 3-4 applications


    Our petal/herb-infused cream concealer imparts and contains certified organic natural plant pigments that give powerful anti-oxidant benefits to fight off free radicals while anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe, protect and heal blemished skin... a great on-the-go spot treatment for an ever skin changing needs. So creamy, and buildable, it blends effortlessly delivering a natural, second skin coverage that lasts all day. 

    Our certified organic plant pigment signature formula makes our quality Concealer more green and organic.
    Samples are available, they are small but affordably priced and are meant only to feel the texture, match your skin tone and enjoy the benefits. Please leave us a message for your color preference during check out. 
    Good only for 3-4 applications . 


    YES TO:
    - vegan
    - gluten-free
    - non-comenogenic
    - spf
    - cruelty-free
    - seriously organic

    NO TO: 

    -emulsifying wax 
    -stearic acid
    - synthetic scents ( fragrance oils )
    - dye
    - Titanium dioxide and Mica
    - mineral oil


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