🍃skin saver 🍃time saver🍃original formula


This 3-in-1 ( prime, moisturize, conceal) serum foundation is formulated with our signature infusion of a frankincense tear and our medicinal blend of herbs and non-clogging oils. Silky, easy to build,  and extra creamy, you wouldn't even need to use any moisturizer nor primer!

This hard working and weightless foundation begins its magic the moment it touches your skin. It blurs imperfections, soothes inflammation, softens fine lines, and hydrates and plumps sagging skin. Truly a holy grail, containing a precious frankincense tear that continuously infuses the serum with its phenomenal skin benefits.

Unlike other foundations, our serum foundation transforms skin in the long run, it will feel good on your complexion and provide benefits in the same way any other skin- care product can. 

Additionally, our serum foundation mimics the appearance of bare skin, leaving no chalky nor cake-y look.

Serum Foundation

  • Check out our fully disclosed ingredient list (it's your right to know😉) and realize this is all your skin needs- no room for nasty fillers, extenders and other additives!

    Unrefined Grapeseed Oil*🌿 Unrefined Safflower Oil*🌿 Unrefined Hempseed Oil*🌿Marshmallow Root*🌿Echinacea *🍃Witch Hazel*🍃Gotu Kola*🌿 Calendula*🌿Horsetail*🌿Rosehips*🌿Foti*🌿 Coffee Flour🌿 Black Cocoa*🌿 Turmeric*🌿Annatto*🌿 Linden*🌿Olive*🌿Beet Root*🌿 Hibiscus*🌿Frankincense Tear*🍃 Non-Nano, Uncoated Zinc Oxide***🍃Vit. E***🌿Carnauba Wax*🍃Raw, Uncoated, Non-Nano Iron Oxide (tiny bit)🌿 and ❤️.

    *certified organic and food grade
    *** food grade